Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Break

Solar panel support frame fabrication began with cutting aluminum bar stock down to proper lengths. Each half of the support frame consists of (2) 5 feet and (4) 1 foot pieces. Two L-brackets were used at each corner to form a rectangular box frame. Holes were drilled for bolts and nuts to mate L-brackets and aluminum bar stock.
Holes were drilled for bolts and nuts to mate the two box frames together. With the two halves constructed and connected, measurements were made to place the supports that will connect to the two tilting mechanisms. The placement of the ribs were laid out to avoid interfere with supports. Holes were drilled on the sides of the frames, ribs, and clamps. Adjustments were made to ensure there was enough room to slide the solar panel between the ribs and clamp.

Acrylic panels were purchase to fabricate a box to house the charging components. These pieces will need to be cut down to dimension and bolted together. With the box fabricated and sliders attached to the box, the position and placement can be determined to make connections onto the solar panel frame.

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