Tuesday, April 18, 2017


After presenting at Paseo Public Prototyping Fair, there were several issues that the Small Scale Teams would like to be addressed before Maker’s Faire. The runtime per battery were roughly 20 to 30 minutes according to Chris from the Controls Team. With a charge time of an hour, the rate of energy usage is double that a solar panel can recharge the battery. The goal is to achieve 100% renewable energy for the 1/12 scale Spartan Superway model.

A simple solution to increase the amount of solar energy converted to charge batteries is to utilize an additional solar panel. Two solar panels will allow the system to charge two batteries fully within an hour. This second solar panel was also a planned deliverable since the beginning of this project.

Being a team of only one person, constructing a second solar rack to house and support a second solar panel would take up tremendous amount of time. The condition and functionality of the second set of charging components are unknown and will need to be tested. These components will be tested and replaced if needed. In order accomplish this goal in a timely manner, I’ve enlisted the help of Kevin from the Track Manufacturing Team. Kevin agreed to help construct the second solar rack. I am to provide all materials necessary. By using leftover materials from the first solar rack, I have created a Bill of Material. Materials will be purchased this week and dropped off to Kevin along with the constructed solar rack.

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