Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 6

Hardware for the mate the ribs and clamps on to the rack were purchased. The match die and drill bit were sourced from home. Bolts for to mate the solar racks were also purchased. The hinges for the acrylic box were purchased. The next step for fabrication is cut the aluminum stock down to size for the sides of the rack along with the supporting joints. Once down to size, the aluminum stock will be drilled and tapped.

Several more of the 6 cell batteries were downsized to 4 cells.

The newly modified 4 cell batteries were tested over the weekend. Several discharge and recharge cycles were placed on the batteries. It was determined with approximated 60 watts and 1 amp output from the solar panels, a battery would be fully charged with 5.86 volts and 2222 mAh energy capacity under a hour.

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