Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 4

Solar Racking Design:
New changes were made after last week's discussion. The track team expressed doubts of welding. In order to alleviate any extra burden on welding the solar racks, the design was changed so that the ribs could be bolted into place. This new idea was explored with the manufacturing team as the ribs will be produced by Kevin.

A clamp created to sandwich the solar panel between the clamp and ribs. The clamp are adjustable and uses the same hardware to bolt down the ribs onto the rack. Rubber inserts will be placed between the clamp and solar panel to prevent damages while promoting clamping force.

There are still a few minor tweaks that will be needed implemented to finalize the Solidwork design. The design should be completed this week.

A new connector for the modified 4 cell batteries were decided with the Controls team. 11 sets of connectors were order for bogies, charging modules, and batteries. The new 4 cell batteries will need to be shrink wrapped. Proper sized shrink wrap will be purchased locally.

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