Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 3 Project Update

With the design approval, calculations of required amount of materials were established. The quantities of aluminum stock was communicated with the track team. Currently, waiting for a response to determine if more material needs to be purchased from Coastal Aluminum. Confirmed with the track improvement team that the ribs will need to be fabricated according to previously mentioned specifications. Measurement of charging components and supporting hinged box were made to create a Solidwork design. The solar rack design still needs minor improvements to the mating of the two separate pieces before completion.

Position locking draw slider was purchased to match the physical dimensions of the solar rack and charging components. I am hoping to have all designs finalized by the first presentation. With that part complete, fabrication of components can begin that weekend.

A new idea of the modifying the supports proposed to the track team. An additional clamping plate between the T-bar and the 3-bar linkage can shift of the weight of the rack further in towards the center or outer perimeter of track loop to help with any stability issues.

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