Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Assignment #1

In previous team projects, time constraints have led to rushed decisions or oversight on various parts of the project. Failure in anticipating the amount of time required for certain tasks is a common occurrence during the planning phase of the project. To further complicate the issue, personal issues can and do arise during these scheduled times. These complications result in subpar work and ideas.

In order to combat these prior incidents, I am going to utilize a Gant chart to plan, allocate time, schedule completion dates, and report progress in the Spartan Superway project. Also, a detailed schedule of our team members can be useful.

Another area in which can be improved upon from working on previous team projects was communication. Communication is a difficult area when working with multiple members of team while taking classes and working. There is not a perfect solution that works in each situation. Using Google Drive to exchange and collaborate on files is a proven tool that works. Weekly meetings or discussion will help with improving ideas, planning for the week after, reporting on progress, and staying focused.

Management is a key and critical component to a project’s success. Management is a difficult role as it requires additional work and effort, but completely necessary to a team’s success. Many usually refrain from taking up this task. In order for this project to be successful, our team should split up this difficult task so that each member will be responsible for a certain part or aspect of our goal. By splitting up this task, each member will help out by lightening the load with this critical role.

Another key area to the success of this project is to have a clear goal and vision. By doing so will help team members realize the need of organization, project planning, well defined roles, and responsibilities. Defining a goal should be our team’s first task. Along with defining the team’s goal, vision, and project plan that can be changed over the life of the project. With these defined, they will serve as a road map and direction for our team to begin this project.

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